• NI LabVIEW™ which is available for such platforms as Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux is an integrated development environment. It enables its users to develop source code and graphical user interface as well as to compile and use the software developed in such a way. NI LabVIEW™ contains libraries which enable one to communicate with a wide range of measuring devices, to carry out advanced data analysis and to present data in a graphical form, which makes them more comprehensible to users (scientists and engineers) in comparison with general-purpose programming languages.
  • It is a tool of choice if one would like to achieve effects quickly based on a reliable measurement application and minimal labour input. Therefore, NI LabVIEWis frequently used for scientific research in general, particularly in research institutes and the development centres of engineering companies around the world.
  • Our company is proud to employ the largest group of certified LabVIEW™ specialists including several Certified LabVIEW™ Architects (CLA) in Poland. Hence, we can provide top-quality solutions based on this platform faster than any other company.


NI TestStand

  • NI TestStand is a National Instruments tool which we use as the basis of automated testing systems. It is an application used for performing tests and simultaneously it plays the role of a test oracle. It operates by using databases and it easily integrates with a wide scope of technologies within which it can communicate with the system under test.
  • Due to the flexibility of NI TestStand, we can provide it with functionalities which are required even in the most unusual solutions.



  • Apart from specialists in the field of National Instruments technology, we employ a team of Microsoft .NET developers. They specialise in such disciplines as databases, web applications or software for Windows. Thus, there is no task associated with software which we would not be able to fulfil. We can verify and implement all our ideas very fast due to the agile management of software development process. Furthermore, we apply the latest technologies in our products, including Continuous Integration and TDD (Test-Driven Development) in order to ensure their top quality.


The remaining technologies

  • Apart from National Instruments and Microsoft technologies, our engineers have extensive experience in software development using a wide range of technologies applied in various disciplines. These are, among others, Java, Ruby on Rails or Objective-C which is used for developing applications for Apple platforms.
  • Among our engineers one can also find developers who are experienced in embedded system development using lower-level languages such as C or assembler. It is a particularly useful feature when we need to fulfil the task of developing a measuring device on our own. Our knowledge concerning operating systems, especially Linux and freeRTOS, is also worth taking into consideration.
  • Based on this experience, we also offer our support in software development as well as the migration from old software to new technologies.


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