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A project for a leading rail vehicle manufacturer Automated testing environment – design and implementation

The environment has been designed and implemented using Microsoft and National Instruments software. It consists of the front panel of user interface, SQL server databases and auxiliary devices. Thus, a distributed and remotely controlled testing system has been created.

.NET (C#) and TCP/IP libraries have been used in order to enable the test harness to communicate with hardware.

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Locomotive Simulator LabVIEW™ has been applied.

We have designed and created a locomotive simulator using LabVIEW™. Our aim is to support the process of production and testing of the main Vehicle Control Unit. We simulate the whole electrical circuit of a locomotive (hundreds of electrical components) as well as communication components. They exchange data with the main control unit by means of MVB, CAN or digital input and output (I/O).

Our simulator supports numerous projects and vehicle platforms. Due to software code optimisation, the simulation runs on an ordinary personal computer, which makes it possible to perform tests in real time.

We have created the architecture and documentation of the simulator engine, data structure and communication modules as well as models of devices. Our software enables us to test the main Vehicle Control Unit at an early stage of the development of its software.

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